Will My Insurance Cover a Cracked Window?

If you have been quietly ignoring the growing number of cracks in your windscreen and car windows, then it’s probably time to check if your car insurance covers cracked windows. Even though it seems like your car will be fine with a few cracks, they can spread, and then they are more likely to collapse the window or impair your vision. We have gathered all the information you need to find out if your car insurance covers cracked windows, and we even created a comprehensive list of new options for you if your insurance doesn’t look after you in that area.

How to Know if Your Car Insurance Covers Cracked Windows

When a crack appears on your car windscreen or window, your first thought will be wondering if your insurance will cover it. The answer is that this depends on the cause of the crack, and what sort of car insurance you have.

Types of Car Insurance:

  • Liability:
    This type of car insurance covers you if you damage someone else’s property, such as their car.
  • Collision:
    If you have this type of car insurance, it will cover you if another car hits you, or if you collide with an inanimate object – such as a tree.
  • Comprehensive:
    This will cover you with most other incidents, such as collisions with wild animals, natural disasters, and theft.

So you most likely have liability insurance, but the other types are optional and so you’ll need to check your policy to find out if those are included. If you have all three then the crack in your car window will probably be covered. For serious cracks in your car windows – such as when it has resulted in a collapsed window – you may need to check the size of your deductible and your insurance limit. A deductible is an amount you have agreed to pay before the insurance covers the costs, and the insurance limit is the maximum amount your insurance company will pay for the damage.

Do You Need Car Insurance That Covers Cracked Windows?

If you check your car insurance plan and it doesn’t cover cracked windows, is it worth paying more and changing your plan for the future? This definitely depends on your personal circumstances, as paying out of pocket is an option, but you’ll need to know that you have enough savings to take this risk. If you have an expensive car, then it’s probably worthwhile, as repairs will be quite costly. However, if you have a cheap car, the insurance premiums are likely to be more expensive than just paying for repairs out of your savings when an incident occurs.

Guide to Car Insurance Plans

We have created a guide to a range of car insurance plans, just in case your insurance does not cover cracked windows and you would like to make a change. There are countless car insurance plans out there, but we have listed a few of the main ones for you to consider.

Car Insurance Plan Options

  • Budget Direct:
    This plan covers accidental damage and is the ideal comprehensive plan for those who want something affordable.
  • Bingle:
    If you want a cheap option that just covers the basics, then Bingle is the best choice. One of the downsides is you can’t choose your own repairer, but this keeps the price low.
  • Youi:
    The best choice if you want roadside assistance included, and excellent customer service. It includes accidental damage cover as well.
  • RAC:
    The RAC comprehensive car insurance is thorough, although with so many things covered you have to pay a bit more than some of the other plans.

Most car insurance plans cover your windscreen or windows like any other part of your car and will fix it if the reason for the damage is included in your cover. It’s worth considering that both Poncho Insurance and Stella Insurance have windscreen replacement included in their plans, whereas most of the others have it as an optional extra. However, this choice is only really worthwhile if you travel a lot and are more likely to crack your windscreen regularly.

Choose an Expert Car Window Repairer

Whether you choose to stay with your current car insurance provider, payout of pocket when an incident occurs, or upgrade to a plan that includes a free windscreen replacement – Champion Autoglass is the best pick for your window repairs. We have over 15 years of industry experience and are a local, family-run business that you can rely on. Contact us today to learn more about our expert auto glass services.




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