Rear Windscreen Replacement

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*Guarantee applies only if there is no existing rust in the windscreen aperture.


Need a Rear windscreen Replaced?

If you have a smashed or damaged rear window in your car, you shouldn’t put the issue off any longer. Having the glass replaced by an affordable and friendly specialist is always the best move. Champion Autoglass specialises in all types of windscreen replacements in Perth, including rear windscreens.

Our mobile services mean we can bring our tools and replacement services to you, helping to get you back onto the road.

Replacement Cost

How much does it cost to replace a rear windscreen?

Our rear windscreen replacements start at $360, depending on the vehicle and type of glass to be replaced.

We also offer a lifetime warranty on our work as long as the windscreen aperture is in sound condition prior to starting work. 

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Champion Autoglass only uses high quality parts

refit own glass

At Champion Autoglass we commonly use aftermarket glass to replace your windscreen. We source this glass from a global manufacturer that supplies 80% of the world’s automotive glass including genuine brands.

This means that it is manufactured to meet Australian standards and ensures it is a high quality product, at an affordable price.

No matter the make or model, and which window is damaged, we will be able to replace it for you.

Safe to Drive

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Can I drive with a damaged REAR windscreen?

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In most cases, you can drive with a smashed or damaged rear windscreen. Rear windscreens will always require replacement so you don’t run any risk of increasing damage.

However, before driving please always evaluate the situation and ensure there is no risk to your health & safety. If you would prefer not to drive, we have the ability to come to you and replace your rear windscreen.

Do you need your car window replaced? Let us get it sorted.

Does it need replacing or repairing?

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The glass used in a rear windscreen is designed to shatter when hit, as a safety measure.

This means that the entire rear windscreen needs to be replaced and it cannot simply be repaired like the front windscreen. 

To find out more about our full rear windscreen replacement services in Perth, please get in contact with Champion Autoglass today for a quote on your rear windscreen. If the damage is severe or you simply do not feel safe driving with a damaged rear windscreen, we can come to you.

Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee*

We take such pride in the quality of our work that if your windscreen breaks, leaks or just isn’t right due to our installation, we'll fix it for nothing.


We’re honestly priced, competitive and use high-quality aftermarket glass manufactured in the same factory as most genuine glass.

All Shapes & Sizes

Whether you have a 2020 Corolla, an old HJ or 20-Tonne excavator, we’ll get you sorted. Auto glass is our speciality, and we’ve not been beaten yet.

Mobile SERVICE available

If your windscreen is properly smashed, you’re not driving anywhere. For times like this, and when you really can’t get the car to our shop, or even if you’re just busy, we’ve got you covered.

*Guarantee applies only if there is no existing rust in the windscreen aperture for replacements.

Google Reviews

Steve was so friendly and professional when I called him late on a Saturday afternoon for help with my newly cracked windscreen. Steve quoted me over the phone the cost to replace the windscreen and was able to come out when it suited me. Steve's professionalism and workmanship is second to none and his friendly disposition was just so lovely. I absolutely recommend Steve and Champion Autoglass.
Jess Smith
Highly recommend Steve from champion autoglass. Booked me in next day explained and showed me the issues and fixed them without charging an arm. Couldn't be happier in the service and quality!
Vasilis Hatzi
I thoroughly recommend champion Auto Glass they were professional, could see me asap and we're friendly. The job was done to the highest standard I will only use champion Auto Glass from now on
Leonora Stapeley