How to Fix a Cracked Car Window

The ominous noise of a stone hitting your windscreen is something all drivers dread. Luckily, if you know how to fix a cracked car window yourself, then you can avoid any unnecessary costs. We have put together a detailed guide concerning cracked car windows, to help you figure out whether the crack in your window is serious enough to warrant professional assistance or if you can simply fix it yourself.

Temporary Fixes for a Cracked Car Window

It’s important to at least temporarily fix a cracked car window, as if it’s left alone it can become dangerous. Large cracks in your windshield are a big distraction while driving, and it’s actually illegal to drive your car in Western Australia if the crack is impairing your vision. Also, if you have a car accident the roof is more prone to structural damage due to the weakness in your windscreen. A simple temporary fix can stop a crack from spreading and getting worse, therefore keeping you more safe until you can afford a permanent solution.

Types of Temporary Fixes


This is the most effective temporary fix for a cracked car window, and it’s an affordable option that will keep you safe. Resin usually comes in a window repair kit, which can be purchased at any local Repco, Supercheap Auto, or Autobarn. They are ideally suited for small, round chips that aren’t bigger than 3cm.

Steps for using the resin:

  • Clean the crack to remove excess dirt
  • Set up the pedestal and adhesive patch that are included in the kit
  • Fill the syringe with resin
  • Inject the resin into the crack, starting at the largest area and finishing at the smallest
  • Leave the resin to cure and take away the pedestal
  • Once it has dried – this usually takes a few hours – use a razor blade to remove any extra resin and clean the glass

Super Glue or nail polish:

If you need a quick, cheap fix that you can find in your own home, then this option is the answer. Firstly, make sure you clean any residual dirt off the crack with a paper towel before applying the product. Then paint the Super Glue or clear nail polish onto the crack, leave it to dry, and later on place some clear tape over the top to keep the dirt out.

Permanently Fixing a Cracked Car Window

When deciding how to fix a cracked car window, you should always consider how large the crack or chip is. If it’s small then you can use a temporary DIY fix to stop it from spreading until you decide to seek professional help. However, with long cracks, or large, dangerous, spider-shaped chips that are gradually spreading outwards, you will need to choose a permanent repair job. If you choose the right auto glass company then the price won’t be too much, and you will have the reassurance of knowing that the problem is permanently fixed – unlike with a DIY job.

Replacing a Cracked Car Window

If your car has been continually battered with rocks recently, and you have multiple cracks and chips on your windows, then you probably should just get the windows replaced. Another issue that requires replacement is if a crack is basically covering the entire window – there is no point repairing something like that, as the glass will still be unstable. Also, if the crack is close to the edge of the window, or is in the same spot as a previous crack, then replacement is the safest option. If you simply repaired the cracks it would result in a weak window that is more likely to collapse.

Choose an Expert You Can Trust

Whether you need auto glass repair or replacement, it’s essential that you go with an experienced auto glass company that you can rely on. By having your car window fixed by an expert, you are ensuring that your car will remain safe and durable. Here at Champion Autoglass, we are a family-owned and operated business that you can trust. If you are looking at how to fix a cracked car window, then our friendly team can easily repair or replace both sidecar windows and windscreens. For expert auto glass advice and services, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.




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